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Hiring Elise accomplished several important things for me: a complete brand and style guide, and strong and clear branding overall…which carried over into my [sewing pattern] instruction booklet. Ultimately, it helped me get the product out sooner.

As a new designer, I knew I had the task of proving myself ahead. Having an incredibly clean, well-designed, and well-illustrated instruction booklet was of the utmost importance in chipping away at people’s concerns about buying from a new designer.


Alina Strain, Sewing Pattern Designer

How To Build A Brand Experience

From the moment potential customers come in contact with your brand, they are making assessments – everything from “is it organized” to “does it express who I am as a person” – and they are deciding whether or not to buy into your brand (literally).

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How to Rebrand Without Losing Recognition

There can be many reasons to change your visual branding. Maybe your logo is outdated or your business has outgrown it. Whatever your reason, there is a way to refresh without losing what’s working.

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Lately my social media world has undergone a change. The creatives and small business owner I follow have been getting vocal about feminism, refugees, human rights, and politics.

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How a First-Time Designer Got Instant PR

A year before Alina launched her sewing pattern design company, she didn’t know much about designing patterns. She had done some sewing for hire and had developed a popular blog, but it had gone by the wayside.

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