Graphic design for fashion startups, boutiques, and makers.

Does this sound like you?

You’re ambitious and want your business to start with a bang – why else are you putting all this hard work into sourcing the right materials and manufacturers, and raising money?

You made your own website, but it doesn’t function like you want it to (and you’re pretty sure it could be better at converting visitors into customers).

Your logo is pretty, but it doesn’t fit your brand, isn’t attracting the right customers, and makes you feel unprofessional.

You have a shop on Etsy, but you want control over your shop and to be able to build long-lasting customer relationships.

A strategic website and visual brand that communicate the heart of your business can make the difference.

← That’s me!

Hi! I’m Elise and I’m a graphic designer.

A few years ago I made a pledge to only buy ethically made clothing – but it’s not enough for me to be a thoughtful consumer.

Whether you are making your wares in a home studio, getting them manufactured at a local factory, or are paying fair wages overseas, I will help you visually communicate your brand to attract the right customers.

Get clear about your visual branding – and stick with it!

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