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Hiring Elise was worth every penny. I walked away with a solid, professional brand identity and that is priceless.

Alina Strain, Sewing Pattern Designer

Why You Don't Love Your Branding

Have you ever felt sheepish as you handed someone your business card? When your visual branding isn’t quite right, you intuitively feel it – but figuring out what is wrong and how to fix it is completely daunting.

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How to Write a Tagline

Your business’s tagline is one small piece of the very large puzzle that is your brand. In five or six words it can give your customers a clear (if incomplete) picture of just what your business can do for them.

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21 Web Design Words You Should Know

If you don’t live in the world of web design, it can feel like a struggle to describe a website without ending up saying “the thing by the thing with the words…” Here are some words you might find useful when getting your website designed.

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How To Work With a Product Photographer

If you’ve never worked with a photographer before, it can be nerve-wracking. How do you make sure they understand what you want? What are you supposed to be doing to prepare? I asked photographer Lindsay Duncan to demystify the process.

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