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Vibrant, refined graphic design for makers and doers

Hiring Elise was worth every penny. I walked away with a solid, professional brand identity and that is priceless.

Alina Strain, Sewing Pattern Designer

How To Work With a Product Photographer

If you’ve never worked with a photographer before, it can be nerve-wracking. How do you make sure they understand what you want? What are you supposed to be doing to prepare? I asked photographer Lindsay Duncan to demystify the process.

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9 Best Online Printers for Biz Stationery

I’ve scoured through conversations among creative entrepreneurs to find their favourite online printers. Here are the ones that rose to the top.

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Launching An Ethical Brick & Mortar Shop

Once upon a time, Kali Siemens worked traditional retail and spent her paycheques filling her closet with clothes she wore once. Now at just 24, Kali has opened up a brick and mortar store dedicated to ethical small batch fashion and home goods.

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Should You Hire a Web Designer or DIY?

Web designers have a vast amount of knowledge, not only about how to make websites pretty but also about how people interact with them. That said, investing in a professional web designer isn't the right choice for everyone. What should you do?

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